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Baka Black!


So some parts of today were pretty fantastic. It was the end of my first full week of school... it is going to be a loooooong quarter. I got to be camera woman for my group today. We went and ate at Mitsuwa today so that was good. Yummy Yummy. And I got to see Brandon finish Half-Life 2 today as well so that was nice :P

Aaaaand I got to read School Rumble 286 T_T
It was sadness. I wanted to cry. It was all bittersweet and stuff and D:
Damn you School Rumble for playing with my emotions, Harima is such a good guy! Tenma is a fool for not realizing how much she is loved earlier!!! D:
School Rumble is going to be coming to its conclusion soon and I am excited and sad, I really want to know how it will end! We've had our ups and downs but I love this series more than ever now.

Also, we just finished watching Run Fatboy Run. YOU GUYS NEED TO GO SEE IT. It is funnier than fuck. I laughed harder than I have in a loooooong time. Really. It was funny and it was good.

Yep yep.

I finally got to give her presents to her and she liked them! She got the little set of Graduating Pandas XD
She loved them.
And I saw her before she went home and she was talking about what Anna and Spencer got her... she said she liked mine better and I hope it was even a little true because I did put a lot of thought into them and I bought them forevers ago... and as far as I could tell (from a conversation about her party) they didn't have a gift for her as of two days ago... so yeah.


Well, that is all. I hope you are all well!!!! ^_^
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