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I gave blood yesterday, I had my first bad experience of them not getting the vein right away D:

The stuck it in and started moving it around and it hurt SO BAD. I had never felt anything like that when I had given blood before, it was horrible. And she couldn't get the vein so she had to ask someone else to help so I had to sit there with it shoved really deep in my arm until the other lady fixed it and as soon as she did it was fine. It hurt. Now I really feel bad for my mom, they can never get hers on the first try and her veins will pretty much move, there have been times she couldn't donate because they like mangled her arm so bad with the needle D:
It sucked but it was fine after it got fixed.

And Lara has mono. No idea where she got it from but on Tuesday night they had to take her to the hospital (She went on Sunday and they told her she just had a really bad sore throat) and I guess the place she initially went to lost her blood and urine samples and they have no record of her being there... but she is at home now and she has already basically missed a week of school and now she will have to miss another... and I just thought about the fact that our lease signing is going on... I hope she has done that already.

Yeah, so it has been crazy.

And I have so much homework.

And I want to change my icons again sook, I have some new fun ones I want to use :P

Ja ne!
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