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Herrrrmmmmm.... Happy Earth Day~

Oh so on Sunday they did a Budget Cook Off for residents in Tree House. The challenge was to make a meal a college student would eat that was delicious, nutritious, and cost less than $10. We would be reimbursed for whatever we spent on it and there was no mention of what sort of prize we would win. I had signed up for it and only 4 people total had ended up doing so... but I still won! MUAHAHAHAHA! I made a Ramen Stir Fry with Chicken, I figured, ramen is a staple of a college students diet so it is something they would have laying around and it is super cheap. The meat is optional and could be substituted for other meats or left out completely, the veggies are cheap and you can buy a bag of 'stir fry veggies' that will be plenty for multiple servings of the meal, and the sauce only needs to be purchased every so often. I made it sweet and spicy, they said the only thing was they thought it should be a little less salty. But I won against Matt, Jarod, and some other guy who everyone agreed made the least flavorful meal. Brandon voted for Matt though. Boo! I told him I won't cook for him anymore because he was mean when I asked him what I should cook when I was signing up. But I will get a $20 gift card to Meijer :3

Um, in other news. Brandon and I didn't go to our 8am class this morning. Whoops. Bah, we don't do anything there anyways. I need to start getting some drawings done though.

And I really wanted to go on a walk tonight T_T It was so nice out. I need to start walking again. I am going to start dragging Brandon on walks.

Thats all I think. JA NE~
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