Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote,
Baka Black!


Sounds like a lot of people are having very shit-tatsic times lately... T_T

As for me, things are okay. I wish I had been more motivated this quarter but it just never happened... last quarter I was motivated like crazy but my work load was to heavy and I burned out... and I never recovered. -__-;

Brandon is graduating in 2 weeks... then we go home for break and then he'll be gone. So not really looking forward to next quarter... but the upside is I won't have him to distract me so much XD
Yeah... not that much of a plus side really. But although he'll be going home right away we don't know how long he'll be there... it doesn't seem like he will get hired from portfolio show but he wants to apply to two places, one in Champagne and one in Madison... so that is a possibility too. Champagne would be slightly closer to here but if he got the job in Madison he would be closer to a lot of you guys and he'd be closer to my family. Still, its going to be weird without him here and being around all the time T_T

And hey, I'll probably post more here rather than once every 2 months XD

Yeah... that's all.
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