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Uh, so this is pretty much the last place I am updating, sorry, but Brandon proposed to me today for Valentine's Day!!!

Usually he is no good at surprises but he actually managed to keep me completely in the dark for this, he did good ^_^

I'll put all the detail here...
So originally he was going to say he couldn't make it up for Valentine's Day and was going to show up and surprise me. But instead he came up Thursday. Marija, one of my roomies, was the only one who knew and she told us all that SHE had a surprise for us today and that we all had to be here at 3pm and couldn't be late so I wasn't expecting it at all. So we were all here and Brandon was in the back and I kept yelling 'Surprise!!!' because it was 3pm and the surprise was supposed to be here already... and Brandon walks out with a box of chocolates so I thought 'Oh, that's sweet' and I looked at the lid and it said 'Rogers & Hollands' so I got confused and he told me to open it and the he sat down in front of me and pulled out the ring box and asked me. :3
And then he made a point to say it was real and then he put it on the wrong hand (even though I had given him my left one, he was nervous though and looking at his left hand and didn't think about it XD)

After that he said there was something else and then left and came back with his parents and brother and my mom and sister! He'd asked me yesterday where I wanted to go eat for Valentine's Day so we went to eat with our parents. I guess last month he had called to ask my mom's permission and my sister cried for 2 days XD And I guess that is why my mom hasn't called me for the past 5 weeks (EVEN ON HER BIRTHDAY WHEN I CALLED 2 DAYS IN A ROW TO WISH HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!) because she was afraid that she would spill the beans, so I forgive her. I was so excited to see everyone and we had a great time. Then my roommates and everyone got Brandon and I some tea from Teavana for an impromptu engagement gift! <3

Now we are celebrating!

And he's already going to pick out his engagement band now, he had something in mind that he had to show me on Monday, we had to get mine re-sized so when we pick it up he is going to show me XD

MUAH! Love you all, Goodnight!
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