Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote,
Baka Black!

Okay... this is weird.

Hmmmm. Okay I don't know if it was more A) Creepy B) Funny or C) Just Plain Sad

It is kinda weird. In the comments on the page you see people being like 'It isn't creepy, they can do whatever they want. At least they aren't hurting anyone.' Which is true and I agree, but I have a problem when they say 'At least they are happy.' because if you watch that thing, they clearly ARE NOT. You can tell by listening to them when they talk, they all say the same thing 'It is better than being alone.' they don't say it in a happy way, they are clearly people who have given up on even trying to have relationships with people, men or women because it doesn't seem like any of them have ANY friends. And know what disturbs me more, the way they do talk about women, their views are obviously VERY skewed and it is probably their generalizations that make it so they can't get a good woman, they don't care because they have these preconceived notions and would turn off any woman they talked too with them as well. These are people that have given up hope, not because they think it will make them happier but because they don't have another choice. And a couple of them do have some obviously latent issues they need dealt with.

And you can be okay with it and still find it fucking creepy, they are having a pretend relationship with a doll! They need to grow up. No it isn't much different than a fucking blow up doll, which I find creepy as well, these things just look more real.

It is funny though to watch, I laughed a lot, really hard, because of these people just sounding stupid or ridiculous. Honestly, it is really like 'How can you really believe something like that?!' It really is ridiculous.

It made me think about, which is ironic since Brandon and I were talking about it on the drive back here, how people are saying by the year 2050 robot marriages will be legal. Which makes me think about persocoms because that is essentially what we'll have by then, computers that have, more or less, humanoid bodies. They were saying some people will inevitably fall in love and want to marry them. In some ways, it is just a step above the people in that documentary, except there is more of an illusion of talking to a real person, because they would be able to move on their own, they could speak even if they are just doing so because of a program, they could mimic emotion so they would just be a moving, speaking, doll. I think somehow people are more okay with that even though they are basically the same. It is kinda strange.

Basically, in lots of ways I think it is better those people go on having their pretend relationships with those unmoving, unfeeling, unloving dolls rather than hurt real people... but babies die when they don't have human interaction, when they aren't held and loved... so aren't these people just slowly killing themselves? And even further than that... is that a good or bad thing?

Just a little thought after watching that documentary. We didn't finish it last night either since Brandon was so creeped out but we did skip so that we pretty much saw the rest of the important parts.
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