Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote,
Baka Black!

School Rumble... and my hair.

Is such a light-hearted series going to end on this extremely sad note. FNWLNFIW ;GWFI;FOwfp;wfn;fn;FN;NEW;bge vws e;ngnsfbkuvb.... is what I have to say about it.

Seriously though, the latest chapters... GAH! It takes a lot to not bawl my fucking eyes out! First the whole Harima/Tenma thing, then Harima slumping into his depression (Although that was resolved), then Karasuma in the hospital confessing his sincere, pure, and amazing love to an apparition of Tenma and collapsing in tears, and then Tenma getting to the hospital while we find out that Karasuma's disease basically makes him a mental vegetable who can't remember anything or even speak. D:
And poor Tenma gets there and is obviously so adorably excited and is trying to talk to him and starts bawling and makes the most pitiful crying face ever and it is so sad T_T
DAMN YOU SCHOOL RUMBLE!!!!!!...I still love you though.

Anymoo, uh, I bleached my hair. I was planning on dying it blue/purple but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do blue/purple streaks or all blue/purple... and I figured the streaks wouldn't look very good with my natural hair color... and I figured the dye wouldn't take all that well without bleaching it... so I said hell, bleach it all and see how it goes... It looks... different, it is basically yellow... not a bad yellow, it is almost platinum, the roots were really bleached, but it isn't like piss yellow either. And it turned out really even. So far mostly people either really love it or really hate it, more people like it though. Lara was saying it makes my skin look really nice since it brings more color in... though I almost think it makes it look too red... but I think I'll put streaks in since that would look cool and if it doesn't look right but the color is good then I will just color it all... maybe.

And it was the funniest thing since I realized this morning... do you guys remember the animated feature film The Swan Princess? I had a doll of Odette and my hair is the same exact freaking color as that dolls. Today in class we were capturing video and Courtney was talking to me and goes 'I have this strange urge all of the sudden to watch The Swan Princess' which pretty much made me freak out and I had to tell her about my realization XD

Yeah so, look forward to those pictures!!! :P

Well, I am going to bed,

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