Baka Black! (ayaseyue) wrote,
Baka Black!


School Rumble is EVIL... EVIL I SAY!!!

Yeah, sorry about another little School Rumble rant. IF you guys only knew!!! GAH! IT IS SO SAD RIGHT NOW. It is one of those things where it is kinda good but also really sad. And there was a really cute/sad moment at the end of 275.

I need to find a School Rumble discussion board, like I have time for that, but still.

I am in for a busy weekend. Tomorrow I don't have to go into my class early but I need to finish my video and burn it to DVD so that is going to eat my time. And then I have to start my Final for that class. And then the rest of Friday will be...uh, something I can't say just incase it should spill the beans... and after that I will be having to do a ton of shit for the drag show @_@

I need sleep. I only had 5 hours last night and at this rate I won't get as much as I need.

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